Ben Gurion airport

Travel to Israel

Israel's main gateway to the world is the Ben Gurion International Airport (symbol: TLV), which is situated halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (Israel's largest two cities). Most major carriers offer direct flights to Israel from Europe, North America, and the Far East. A complete listing of airlines offering service to Israel can be found the airport's website.

Travelers from most countries in Europe and America do not need a tourist visa to visit Israel. Other countries do require a visa, and ample time for obtaining the visa from the local Israeli consular mission should be planned (~3 months; conference paper acceptance letters will be sent in time for fulfilling this requirement). Visitors from countries without diplomatic relations with Israel can obtain a tourist visa by consular service provided by other nations. Nationality is determined by the Passport issuer, not the place of residence. For a listing of each country and its visa requirements, see Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Any visitor may request that their Passport not be stamped at entry/exit, and are issued a travel document instead.

Travel time from the airport to Jerusalem is about 30 minutes by car. Ground transportation options include private taxis and shared taxis (called 'Nesher'), which have a wait time till they fill up. Price is about 280 ILS and 69 ILS, respectively. (ILS = Israel Shekel). Train service is not yet in place (is currently under construction and will be ready by 2017). If your travel plans begin with Tel Aviv, then train service to the city is available today.